AI Human Detection

Receive notifications on your smartphone as soon as a human figure is detected.

IP-65 Weatherproof

It secures your home day and night, snow, or shine. Keeps recording all year long.

Automatic Reply

Play a pre-recorded response to guests, delivery drivers, or intruders at your door.

Advanced Human Detection

With built-in highly accurate PIR motion and AI human detection, the Kami Doorbell video camera sends notifications to your smartphone alerting whenever a human figure passes by your door and triggers the smart sensor. 

AI Human Detection sensor reduces false alarms caused by plants, animals, or small insects, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most to you.

IP65 Weather-Resistant

The Kami Doorbell Camera is IP65 certified meaning it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if it is raining, windy, or snowing. Your doorbell camera will be operating uninterrupted. Additionally, this rating means you don’t have to worry about things such as dust and debris.

Multi-power & Easy set up

The Kami Doorbell is versatile and comes with an array of different power options. You can power the Kami Doorbell by USB, AC adaptor, or Battery

You may select to power your Kami Doorbell with the rechargeable battery or connects to the existing doorbell wires for constant power.

Easy setup & installation, making the Kami Doorbell easy to mount and remove in minutes.

24/7 Pro Monitoring Solution

Kami has partnered with Cove, the #1 customer-rated home security system to provide Kami Shield Powered by Cove. A full suite camera and home security system monitored by professionals 24/7.
Cove’s exclusive RapidSOS emergency dispatch integration could reduce emergency response times by an estimated 3-4 minutes.

Enjoy unlimited video recordings and capture the moments completely with Kami Shield. Flexible Cloud storage option available.

By subscribing to one of our monthly or annual subscription plans, you will be able to view and store all the videos recorded by the camera in the cloud, for up to 30 days (the oldest videos will automatically be overwritten by the most recent ones). Activity-only and continuous video recording options are both supported. In this way, even if your camera is lost, stolen or damaged, all the videos will still be protected and accessible.

Always keep your footage safe from loss, theft or damage!

Unlock Face Detection feature on your Kami Doorbell Camera

Kami Shield cloud service will enable you to easily find videos of your loved ones using the intuitive face search feature, directly on your smartphone. Every Face detected will be stored in Face Album, and you will receive an alert that you can record 24/7 with Cloud Service.

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Smart home security, right at your front door. The Kami Doorbell Camera brings the next generation of smart home technology to you and connects you to what matters most.

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